Wednesday, September 22, 2004

i'm shocked..

i didnt blog these few days.. apart of i'm too busy with my works, i got tantrum towards Willy.. i think its a normal feeling i have when 'something goes wrong somewhere'.. may be because no emails, no sms from him these few days.. so i feel week and bored..

i called Willy just now, and i'm really shocked and sad when he told me this news.. he said its happy news.. but it really shocking me and i hate him with that news..

the conversation:

Willy: i got happy news to tell ya..
Sweety: oh really? what..?
Willy: i'm getting married in 2 days..
Sweety: ha?? r u serious?
Willy: yes, i'm serious.. someone proposed me, so i decided to get married this Saturday..i need ur help..i need to use ur car..
Sweety: no way!!! i dont want to involve
Willy: ur my good friend what.. my business partner..bla..bla..bla..

(at this point i juz keep silent as i feel like crying..)

Willy: hello..hello..r u there? hello..Sweety?

(i juz hang up da' handphone and send him SMS: I HATE U.. till now i didnt get his reply)

i'm not sure wheather he's only joking or what.. but he said its serious for like 2 times.. oh my God!! i juz cant accept it.. if its true, ?? oh my God.. please say its not true.. can somebody help me.. pls pls..its not true.. we'r spending 2 1/2 yrs together.. thru good and bad times, at last he's accepting other's proposal?.. its not fair to me..


Friday, September 17, 2004

flying without wings...

i couldnt express how i miss my Willy badly.. i smsed him yesterday asking if we can meet up this weekend.. as usual, both of us cashless..

uh! uh!.. cant wait for my bonus..

Thursday, September 16, 2004


goshh!! i need to diet.. really need to do that.. i got da formula but lazy to follow it.. i'm da one with no discipline at all.. oh ya! thats formula is from Willy.. thats the first lesson i learn from him 2 years ago.. DIET

thinking about diet, sometimes i feel funny about myself.. nak kurus tapi malas.. i still remember da time i joined aerobic class few years back.. heh!! membazir.. follow only a few session then stop.. there u r.. giving almost RM2,000 to that class..

Willy always tell me to reduce my weight.. hahaha.. if u want me to b slim u have to stop smoking, darling..he said, if i cannot go till 45 kg (what????) he dont wanna marry me.. hahahaha.. ugut lah tu.. kejam!

last few days i made a promise to Willy.. i told him in 3 months he will see a different side of me, i told him i will follow the diet.. i told him i will go for vegetarian.. hehehe.. then this afternoon i broke my promise.. i'm not go for my vege. i go for beehoon soup (of coz with chicken inside) and cekodok pisang.. some more my friend gave me a slice of choc. cake.. yummy.. sorry aaaa darling.. cannot tahan laa..

whatever it is, my love for u is more and more everyday.. i love u juz da way u r.. *muaahhhss*

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

miss u much..

no emails, no SMS, no calls..

but i still love him.. thinking of meeting him this weekend but i'm cashless..

uh! uh! uh!.. can somebody help me and give me some token..? *grin*

finally i made it..

fuhh.. finally i made it.. i made it on my own..

basically, this blog will be my second blog with more stories between Willy and me.. will beg him to write in here..